Core Return Policy

The CORE charge serves as a deposit on parts that we remanufacture. We charge a core in order to ensure that supply of returned goods.

How do I get my CORE deposit back?

For most domestic shipments, we include a pre-paid Fedex Return Label with each core. All you have to do is put your old core in the box, put the return label over the top of the original Fedex label and then give it back to the Fedex driver or location. We will track the package back to our shipping center and process your CORE refund quickly and easily, using the same method of payment that you used with your original purchase.

Is there a deadline for returning my old core?

All cores returned within the first 30 days of the date ordered receive a full refund. All cores returned after 30 days will only receive half credit. All cores that have not been returned after 60 days will not receive credit, but are greatly appreciated.