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SuperDuty Tech Step Replacement Grip Tape Bullet Proof Diesel Blown Head Gasket & EGR Cooler Bubble Tester Ford 6.0L Cooling System Repair Tool Sealant
Bullet Proof Diesel Cold Weather Package Oil Cooler Thermostat Kit Bullet Proof Diesel Fender Cover Bullet Proof Diesel 1.25" Crow's Foot Wrench
Ford 6.0L Cooling System Pressurization Tool Bullet Proof Diesel Super Duty Tech Step Hooks Bullet Proof Diesel Super Duty Tech Step
Super Duty Tech Step Hooks
Our Price: $110.00

Super Duty Tech Step
Starting From: $319.90

Bullet Proof Diesel Ford 6.0L Cylinder Head Repair Tool

Bullet Proof Diesel Tools

Diesel shop tools are meant to make repairs and maintenance easier, safer and more effective. The Bullet Proof Diesel line of shop tools and accessories feature innovations to common tools technicians use, all designed for efficiency and practicality.

Take our Super Duty Tech Step, for example. Adjustable in height and able to stow away nearly flat, the step is compatible with a range of trucks and customizes to the technician’s height and reach with secure attachments to a truck’s front tow hooks. We also have a coordinating fender cover to protect your truck’s paint job and keep at-use tools in place when you’re not using them. Bullet Proof Diesel shop tools also include accessories for easy installation and testing, such as a crow’s foot wrench to make hose installs and removals faster and efficient, or bubble testers to check for blown gaskets and EGR coolers without any disassembly.

Test, repair and maintain your diesel engine with the reliability and ingenuity you can only find with Bullet Proof Diesel. Contact us today via email or phone with any questions you may have!